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Welcome to Gwen’s Nest!

Hey there!  If you’re new here, I can give you a little tour…

Dear Diary

…is where I write stuff about my family and my four kids. I am really writing this for my own entertainment.  It’s a privilege to live with hilarious little punks.  I try to love even the grody and hard stuff, because that’s just part of the package with kids.



My Recipes section is full of our family favorite recipes with a distinct nod toward flavor, efficiency and ease.  Now with printable recipes!  Food is my love language.  I genuinely enjoy cooking, but I don’t have the time built into my days to really linger and experiment at this point in my life, so by default I’m more “meatloaf” than gourmet.  But BOY howdy is it awesome meatloaf.  I also lean well into the “real, whole food” camp, but not to the extent of earning fermented butter oil  and sprouting merit badges or anything.  Food should just taste good, and be healthy.  And hopefully, it should be enjoyable to make too.  Come on into my teensy kitchen, and we can cook together.  What sounds good?

Natural Remedies & Health

This is a topic that I’ve become more and more intrigued with, ever since my son and I created a poison ivy remedy with an herb that we picked from our yard.  And it *worked*!!!

And then there was the year that our co-pay doubled, and the cough syrup I had been giving my babies was taken off the shelves due to “serious potential side effects”.  Not. Cool.

I decided that it was worth it to me to learn more about treating common illnesses at home.  That huge chunk of co-pay could be put to better use, for the most part.  So I set about researching and practicing remedies for the most common illnesses in our household.  It’s been very rewarding and satisfying to care for my family in this way.  (And for my in-laws: Yes, we still do take the kids to the doctor.  It’s just a LOT more rare now!)

I’m not a trained herbalist, and I am also not a doctor, so I cannot offer any medical advice. What you’ll find in my herb section is my research, notes, and experiences…what common kitchen herb helped my kids get over whooping cough, is our go-to for headaches, and stops the blood fast for small wounds?  I’d love to tell you more…

Creative Home

encompasses the ways that I work out my creativity.  Making, drawing, crafting, re-purposing, and being a homemaker are inner passions that I’ve been expressing naturally since I was a toddler.  This is a broad topic that really means, “all the cool stuff I want to blog about that doesn’t go on in the kitchen”.   You’ll find a messy bun tutorial, tips on faster mopping and ironing, my favorite thrift store finds, and me (getting caught!) painting the fabric seats on my dining room set.  I’ll also be posting Pinterest reviews, and occasionally a product review for something that strike my fancy and make our lives easier.

Thanks for taking this tour, and coming to hang out with me here for a bit.  I LOVE to hear your comments and reviews, so please don’t be shy.  ♥