Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

Trim Healthy Mama Book Reviews Trim Healthy Mama book review: in a few words, it has changed my life.

I know that’s an overused, and somewhat trite expression, but I absolutely mean it.  It is a life changing book.  I *thought* that I had a fairly good understanding of food and nutrition prior to cracking the book, but I knew there were huge gaps in my food knowledge…namely between the practical application of said knowledge and my blossoming waistline.

This book changed all that for me.  I’m not going to sugar coat it…this is not an “easy” of “quick weight loss” type of diet.  It’s written as an eye opening, lifestyle change that will dramatically alter the way you think about and interact with food in great ways! But I love that it’s also flexible enough so that you can tailor it to your own personal standards of food purity or convenience, and personal tastes.

So today, I will give you a taste of the book, and a look at some of the yummy foods I’m eating on THM.  And at the end of this post, one person will WIN a free copy of the e-book version of their choice!  More details below!

Trim Healthy Mama book review (11) I want to go over the key points of the amazing Trim Healthy Mama way of eating…really more “way of life.”  First, I’ll start out giving you a brief overview of the plan, and then talk about some of the challenges and benefits.  I’ll share more food pictures, (you’ve already seen my weight loss before and after photos here, probably), and then we’ll talk about the rest of the book content and all the nitty gritty questions that you might have.

Finally, I’ll share my FAVORITE things about THM.  AND I made you an awesome quick start guide for Trim Healthy Mama, and a weight loss tracking chart!  Those are linked at the bottom of the book review.  And then you can enter to win the drawing for the free e-book!  READY?  Let’s go!

Trim Healthy Mama book review (10)

served with a big salad on the side.

Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

So, let’s first take a look at this book.  To start, it’s 650 pages.  But don’t let that discourage you!  It’s written by two sisters (both avid health and wellness researches) over a 5 year period, and it does not read like a college level nutrition textbook.  Although it probably contains more information and common sense than a standard nutrition textbook.  But you’ll find that it’s presented in a warm, entertaining, and conversational style that makes is a pleasure to read.

Both Pearl and Serene frequently go back and forth throughout the book to express their views on different issues, so instead of getting a one-sided view, you actually get a wider range of (and sometimes opposing) opinions on many of life’s important issues…like the best way to fix coffee, and whether or not to have sardines with breakfast.  And you will find that you probably naturally gravitate toward one of their opinions over the other.

Many ladies on the facebook group have said that they were actually sad to finish the book, because they felt like they’d become friends with the authors.  So, don’t get freaked out about how long the book is…it’s a fun and easy read!

What Is the Diet Part All About?

I’m glad you asked.

Pearl and Serene have tried, failed, and tweaked almost every fad diet version out there.  Maybe you have too.  I’ve seen and participated in my fair share.  What they found is not a way to simply “lose weight fast”…they’ve discovered the science behind how to control your weight through combining fuels that the body uses.  Namely, fats and carbs.

BUT, you’re not removing ANY food groups from the diet to accomplish this, so you’re able to achieve long term, optimal nutrition from ALL the foods God made (including coffee & chocolate).  Awesome. Trim Healthy Mama book review (4) What it IS…Trim Healthy Mama is low glycemic LIFESTYLE.  Yes…lifestyle.  Meaning that you can apply the principles from the book to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight.  You’re in the drivers seat now.  And it’s meant to be a LONG TERM way of eating.  It’s SO much more than just a diet!

The Trim Healthy Mama plan is not “low carb” but “controlled carb”.  Ditto with the fats & calories.  AND (little happy dance) there is next to no “counting” of anything.  Just like learning to drive a stick shift, it seems *so* complicated at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy.  It becomes instinctive.  And, once you “get it”, you can apply these principles anytime, anywhere, on the fly, in a fast food joint, etc.  No sweat.

So, what this looks like in real life is that you have a protein and veggie ‘core’ to meals and a protein source with snacks.  You then pair with “S” or “E” style foods, depending on what your body needs, or what’s available to you.  And if you’re not that hungry, or are looking to really push some weight loss, you can stay in that Fuel Pull…or FP “zone”.  Anyone can do this.  Anyone.

Let’s talk more about what S, E, and FP mean…

S stands for satisfying, and these are going to be the comfort foods that have naturally occurring fats.  If your tummy is growling, the S foods will really satisfy you on a deep level.

Your body really *needs* these healthy oils and fats.  They’re key building blocks for the endocrine system.  Did you know that a good portion of your brain, nerve cells, and even the hormones to run your body are fats/lipids?  The delicious and healthy fat sources in S meals will give your body the building blocks it needs to nourish the body systems that depend on fats.
This is S…

Trim Healthy Mama book review (6)

E stands for energizing…our muscles favorite fuel is glucose, and the brain’s ONLY energy source is glucose or sugar.  No WONDER it’s so addicting in large amounts!  If we’re low in glucose, then we’re going to feel flat and very low energy.  On the other hand, if we have too much, too regularly, then the body wisely stores away the excess…guess where.  In FAT cells!  So too much sugar makes us flabby and very low energy.

The Trim Healthy Mama plan is like Golidlocks…it gets the sugar balance JUST RIGHT.  My favorite E foods are fruits, low glycemic grains and breads.  This is a delicious E soup from the book:

Trim Healthy Mama book review (2)

To really push your body to new weight loss lows, Fuel Pull meals and snacks are very low in both fuels.  Fuel pull ingredients are very sociable and useful!  The foods on the FP list can be paired with EITHER S or E meals, or eaten alone.  Fuel pull meals and ingredients are the B.F.F. of women who are slow losers, who are post-menopausal, or who have hormone imbalance that usually causes women to fail at other types of diets.  There are plenty of delicious FP options that will truly FILL your tummy…no more feeling hungry after you’ve just eaten.  This is one of my favorite FP breakfasts/snacks!

Trim Healthy Mama book review (9) And the most beautiful thing is, it WORKS!  It has worked for them and even for their skeptical husbands.  And it’s worked for friends and acquaintances who have seen the weight come off just by switching up foods that were already in their diet, and avoiding “duel fueling” (having both carbs and fats together.)

Trim Healthy Mama book review (5)

Another LOVELY fuel pull snack.

What Else Is In the Book?

Pearl and Serene spend a lot of time explaining the pitfalls of the most common fad diets, and then science behind how the THM way of eating works, and then they bring it to life in the amazing recipe section.

I’ve seen several people balk at not only the size of the book, but also the $35 price tag.  I can understand that.  But I tell them, “It’s like getting a whole mini-library of books in one package.”  You get:

  • a book that explains insulin resistance
  • a fad diet theory critique and review
  • the THM diet plan explained
  • a fantastic recipe book
  • a Fuel Cyle one week plan for stubborn weight loss
  • a book on hormone balance and marital harmony
  • a mini book and great recommendations on natural skin care
  • and an inspiring book on how and why efficient and effective exercise should be a part of your everyday life.

Plus, you get to hear the life stories of Pearl and Serene.  Which puts such a personal and engaging spin on how they both came to this point in their health journey.

Trim Healthy Mama book review (11) And if you follow along on their facebook fanpage or in the THM facebook group or forum, you’ll quickly realize that these busy Mama’s care deeply about the your success on this plan.  They are answering questions, continuously posting encouraging stories, recipes and successes, and staying very in touch with their readers.


I’ve been sharing a few photos of my favorite THM recipes…I’ll be sharing some of my own tweaks and recipes on the cooking section here at Gwen’s Nest very soon!!!  Here’s another good Fuel Pull:

Trim Healthy Mama book review (3)

If you just CANNOT wait to try some of these recipes, then buy the e-book or Kindle version from the Trim Healthy Mama website.

Or you can find some awesome THM recipes on the Facebook group that other ladies have developed in their own kitchens, or here at my friend Melissa’s awesome blog.


THIS is skinny chocolate!  You should make some.  Seriously.

Nitty Gritty

Let’s get down to the real dirt, now.

  • What are the pitfalls?
  • What will you have to give up?
  • Are there gross foods I have to eat?
  • Is this just another fad deals that loses its luster when you try to put it into practice?
  • What about cheating?
  • What types of fancy foods or appliances do I have to buy?
  • Can I do this if our family is gluten free, or has allergies?

I’m so glad you asked.

Steep Learning Curve

First, I’m going to be really honest with you.  For myself, learning to think about food in terms of it being “carb” or “fat” took a pretty steep learning curve.  A lot of these concepts were not something I was used to applying, like EVER…especially when my snack urge hit, so I had to THINK about food a WHOLE lot more than I wanted to at first.  Remember what I said about driving a stick shift?  Yeah.  It will take a minute to get your brain and body wrapped around what you’re doing.

Trim Healthy Mama book review Which is why having the recipe section was such a great plan…I was able to try out new recipes from the book as I learned my way around.  I could make up a batch of emergency snack rations, or a delicious berry smoothies in minutes.  Also, the Facebook group files have been a HUGE help.  Several ladies have invested a nice chunk of time in organizing lists of all the recipe types. (Bless you for that!)  And there are loads of helpful tips, recipes, and questions over there.  It’s been one of my favorite hang outs lately. :)

You Can’t MAKE Me Eat THAT!

There are a few other pitfalls that have to do with previous food beliefs and preferences.  I’ve noticed that a lot of the ladies who really value healthy fats and whole foods really have a mental battle over buying or using low or non fat items for E meals.  Also, those who love bread <raising hand> don’t love some of the eggy or flaxy bread substitutes in the book.  There are those who think Stevia is the devil…etc. etc.

The great news here is that you don’t have to go against your own tastes and convictions when putting together your foods and meals.  No one is forcing me to eat flaxy-eggy breads.  I won’t throw stevia packets at you.

And I do find it a good and refreshing thing to re-think through some of my long-held convictions on foods.  For instance, if I lived 200 years ago, and skimmed a gallon of milk to make butter, I would not throw away the low fat milk…I’d enjoy it cultured into yogurt or in a recipe, even if I didn’t care to drink it.  Definitely worth considering that even whole foods are and always have been routinely processed even in kitchens of old.


What Foods/Drinks Do I Have to Give Up?

There are some foods that are just too high glycemic to work with the THM lifestyle, even after you’re at goal weight.  Then there are other foods that you just give up or cut way back on while working toward a weight loss goal. This list combines both types.

Some of these are very healthy and natural foods that I’m happy for my kids to have as a part of their diet…their little growing bodies can handle it.  My body…not so much.  And some of these are foods or combinations of foods that I’m giving up temporarily as I’m losing weight, and can add back in, in moderation, to maintain a healthy weight after I reach my goals.

I was actually pleasantly surprised that the list is pretty short.  However, depending on how your diet is now, it may be a pretty big chunk of foods going out the window with this first one:

  • simple carbohydrates…especially sweet carb filled drinks.
    *sniff*  R.I.P. Dr. Pepper.  And juice.  And even milk.

I know, I know…that hurts.  Let’s just get this over with quick, like ripping off a band-aid.   While you’re trying to lose weight, you won’t want to include…

  • high carb fruits (bananas, pineapple, watermelon, dried fruits),
  • sugar and sugary things…and that includes natural sugars like honey and maple syrup.  Anything that will spike your blood sugar quickly is not on plan.
  • Most storebought breads, cookies, fast food etc. a.k.a “junk food”
  • White potatoes or products made with them (potato chips); but you can have sweet potatoes!
  • Corn and corn products…but you CAN have popcorn as a snack!
  • foods that combine fats and sugar/carbs/breads.  Buy-bye burger buns, pizza, and buttered popcorn.

*Deep Breath*
Are you still with me?  YES!  You are.  I mean, you CAN be.  You can do this!  Because, know what?  Bye-bye cottage cheese buns.

Yes.  I mean THOSE cottage cheese buns.  And muffin tops, and exploding biscuit bellies, and hamburgular bra straps.  BUH-BYE!  And I SO could have put some picture links in here to illustrate what I mean by these terms, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.
You’re welcome.

Trim Healthy Mama book review (7)

Pan seared Crispy Salmon fillet (p. 283) over salad…a REALLY yummy “S” style lunch.

And I promise you, it’s not going to be as hard one month from now as it looks right now.  This is the *easiest* diet I’ve ever, ever done.  And you know what else?  One month from now, you’ll be feeling SO much better, you may have already lost a few pounds, and you’ll be LOTS more comfortable with the new recipes and ingredients you’re going to be working with.  There are so many other wonderful health benefits to going low glycemic, that I just know you’re going to feel SO much better, even after just 2 weeks on this new way of eating.

Here is the good news: there are still some great products that you CAN have if you love pasta, sweet drinks, and breads.  And they won’t negatively affect your waistline and blood sugars.  It took me a minute to find my favorite new treats on the plan, but I’ve found some really amazing desserts and treats that totally fulfills my sweet tooth.  Print out the quick start guide below for my best treats!

Most importantly, once I got past that first week of carb-withdrawal, I didn’t MISS any of the junk…my energy levels and health improved so much that I didn’t even want it anymore.  I passed THE gold standard test…driving through the Krispy Kreme drive through WITH hot-light on, and I wasn’t tempted OR angry!  I really almost had to pinch myself!

Greek Burger Recipe (7) This is my current favorite grill recipe: Greek Burgers…a healthy S!

Isn’t This a Fad Diet, Too?

I mean, nobody can actually LIVE this way and enjoy it long term, right? 


It really becomes SO much easier as you go along, that it does become truly a lifestyle change in the whole way that you think about and pair foods.  I can see this being a really realistic long-term way of eating, and can’t imagine going back to using food like I was before.

I’ve always had a high metabolism, but with my parathyriod and hormone issues, I had packed on weight that wasn’t budging.  Somehow, THM has re-awakened my metabolism, and I’ve been able to lose weight pretty quickly.  But that will vary from person to person.

Some just have slower metabolisms, have more to lose, or are facing different health challenges, and will need to tweak things, and live this way for a few years to really move the scales back to where they are at their healthiest weight.  But it’s SO worth it!

No matter how slowly or quickly you lose, that is the rate that your body is comfortable going at, and you are going to eventually get there while getting to eat TOTALLY amazing food…I mean LOOK at this food.  This is not what “denying yourself” looks or tastes like.


What about Cheating?

This is the thing…eating THM style is something that you can pick right back up if you accidentally mess up and make a meal that’s not on plan.  You want to go out to dinner with your honey to your favorite Schnitzel house for your anniversary?  No biggie.

Some people get really derailed by allowing too many ‘cheats’ or go through a stressful time like moving, where they are just not capable of putting the time into it.  But once you’ve “learned” THM, it’s not hard to just jump back on plan.  I think it’s really best to take stock of your own personal weaknesses in determining whether or not you’re going to “cheat”.  Pearl and Serene are on opposite sides of the see-saw on this one, and discuss it in the book.

Personally, the thrill of trimming back my waistline and scales has been enough motivation to keep me on track 99.9% of the time.  And when I do “cheat”…I call it what it is: a crossover. :)  And I *REFUSE* to have guilt, since I am on plan 99.9ish% of the time.

Do I Have to Buy Fancy Diet Foods or Kitchen Appliances?

No.  You do not.

I’ve seen ladies who are not using any of the specialty foods that are discussed in the book, either because they just don’t want to, or because they are unavailable where they live.  This way of eating is completely do-able for anyone, anywhere they are living, and with whatever food sources you have available to you.

P1080133 Now, all that to say, if you *want* sweets, then Truvia or a good quality Stevia EXTRACT is a really awesome thing to have on hand.  This one…in the little shaker jar. Updated: the stevia extract that they recommend in the book has been reformulated (Boo!  Hiss!)

This is what I use now: Better Stevia by NOW foods…it’s good.  You get 2 one ounce bottles for a great price.  One thing to be aware of, if you are used to the other brand, is that the NOW is fluffier.  So your bottle will be twice as full, and you’ll use twice as much, approx. to get the same sweetness.


No, it does not taste nasty like artificial sweetener, and you use a dash or three of stevia extract for each dish.  It lasts.

I know some of you have been burned by bad stevia.  There is lots of it out there.  Some brands of stevia taste *really* bad…artificial and bitter.  This one does not.  Give it a shot.  It’s derived from an herb, so it’s considered a “natural” sweetener.  There’s lots more on this in the book. (Caveat: if you use *too much* of this, it does taste nasty.  But if you just use a teeny bit, you get a gentle sweetness with no aftertaste.)

The one other thing that you might not find at the grocery store that I absolutely LOVE is the gluccomannan powder.


What…you don’t have that?
I had never heard of it either.  I bought mine off of Amazon.

It’s this really cool powder made from an Asian root that has NO carbs, and NO fats, and is an amazing thickener!  The black cherry syrup, peach syrup & puddings I’ve shown you…all thickened with gluccomannan!  Not even a granule of added sugar in them.

The book gives several recipes for puddings, and other nummy things made with “gluccie”.  My personal favorite is the NO FAT gravy made with my homemade chicken or turkey broth and gluccomannan.  SO delicious!
Every week, I make a beautiful berry syrup to top pancakes, breakfast muffins, cheesecake, and 0% Greek yogurt with.  Delish, and TOTALLY Fuel Pull, weight burning, LEGAL and nutritious.  No guilt!

So, my total investment in online “diet food” was under $25, and it lasted me 2 1/2 months.  I’d say that’s not too bad.  Pearl and Serene do invite you into their kitchens, and show you lots of other fun ingredients that you may or may not be interested in.

I’m gradually adding one to two items per month to experiment and play with as my budget allows.  So far, it’s a thumbs up on the peanut butter flour, and Swanson’s Vanilla protein powder!  But these are just optional choices to make some fun treats.  A majority of what I make is with regular grocery store ingredients…and from my own family favorite recipes that I tweak to be on plan.

A lot of the recipes do call for the blender, and some for a food processor.  I have enjoyed using my immersion blender for many of the blender recipes, but any normal blender will work for THM.

All of my current appliances have come to me second hand or from garage sales or thrift stores.  (it’s how I roll…I prefer vintage style and quality!)  So if you really want a blender or a food processor, then that’s a great place to find one without breaking the bank.

What if we’re GF/CF/DF/EF…etc.  Can I still do Trim Healthy Mama?


In fact, I’ve really enjoyed learning more about how to bake GF goodies with the recipes in their book.  If you’ve always considered trying to go gluten free, then Trim Healthy Mama would be a great intro to the world of GF baking.  If you’re a veteran allergen free cook, then you’ll love that the THM recipes are almost exclusively gluten free already, AND low glycemic to boot.  Either way, you’d just skip the store bought tortillas and pasta, and go for some of the other alternatives in the book.

You can really tailor the THM principles to ANY type of diet.  AND, there is an THM Allergen Free Facebook support group, full of Mama’s who are excellent at tweaking recipes!

My Top 5 FAVORITE Things about Trim Healthy Mama:

  1. I am FINALLY using and enjoying the healthy superfood ingredients that were sitting in my pantry.
  2. I’m not a slave to sugar cravings any longer. <fist pump> I feel great, and I know what I’m eating is positively affecting my health.
  3. I’m saving a LOT a the grocery store by skipping snacky-junk foods, and am now able to buy really great quality meat and eggs, and some of the new-to-me ingredients that Serene and Pearl recommend.
  4. I’m LOSING WEIGHT and eating really great food!
  5. For the first time EVER, I understand how to use food, and can teach my kids a lifestyle that will lead to health and enjoyment of food, instead of connecting good foods to guilt and weight gain.

NOW…Here are some little goodies I made for you.  I wish I’d have had a quick start guide when getting started, and I also made you a little weight loss tracking chart.  Enjoy!


Weight Loss Tracking Charts

Did I cover everything you needed to know in this Trim Healthy Mama book review?  If not, leave me your questions in the comments below…or come over to the facebook group and get lots more input and opinionations. :D


The Trim Healthy Mama e-book giveaway is now closed.

To buy your copy of the Trim Healthy Mama book, either in softcover or any of the e-book options, head over to TrimHealthyMama.comAnd full disclosure: your purchase there does not pad my pocket in the least…you’ll be directly supporting the authors of the book.  Even though I could send you over to Amazon through my affiliate link, I really believe in directly supporting the authors when possible, and this book is worth EVERY penny!

I am LOVING my .pdf e-book!  I can search for things, and even print out my favorite recipes for my recipe binder!  And I can loan out my hard copy book to friends now too.

Enter to win your OWN e-book, in any version you choose: .pdf, kindle, nook, ipad, or sony reader.  You get 3 chances to win:
Chance 1: Leave a comment below either asking me a question about THM, *or* leave a comment with a shout out of your favorite thing about THM!
Chance 2: Post this Trim Healthy Mama book review on facebook on your profile page or in a group, and leave a comment below that you’ve shared it! (Please just use one comment, even if you share it several ways)
Chance 3: Blog about THM, and link back to my review…then come back and leave a comment here with a link to your blog post!

On Friday, March 1st, I will close the comments at 6:00 PM, and a winner will be chosen at random from a contest widget.

And the winner is…

Amy J, with comment #224,
“So far, I love actually reading this book. It is VERY easy to understand and even fun to read and learn from.”

Congrats, Amy!  You’ll be receiving an e-mail from me in a few minutes.

Thank you all for your great questions and comments!  Please feel free to keep leaving me questions, and let me know if you’d like to hear more about Trim Healthy Mama!

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  • Angela

    Gwen, I am totally new to your blog and loving it! Found you completely by accident and am so glad I did!

    No, about the THM, do you cook/eat this way for your whole family or just yourself? I have 4 wonderful zoolets ( we have a zoo at our house) ages 7, almost 6, 4 & 1/2 and 2 & 1/2, and a wonderful hunting hubby. I would love to try this, but am not too sure about it. I have a hard time cooking seperate things for us as we have a CRAZY life sometimes.

    I’d love to hear how this might work for me! Thanks so much!!

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Angela!
      I have 4 as well!
      To answer your question: Yes and no. :) Sometimes, my kids will eat things that are easy for me to make, but not on plan for things like breakfast or lunch. My b’fast or lunches are 5 minute quickies or leftovers. A lot of the breakfast/lunch ideas are VERY quick one serving type things.

      We all eat the same thing for dinner, but they can have things that I pass on like potatoes or rice, or cheese depending on what type of meal it is. I’ve found it very doable for a family! The quick start guide may give you a better idea of how I do it? :)

      With your hubby hunting, game meat is usually very lean, and will give you LOTS of versatility over store bought ground.

      • Katie McIntier

        I do the same as Gwen and its been working great! most breakfasts and lunches are single and easy to make, while I make my kids something else, or leftovers (which I would eat if its from a THM meal). We always eat dinner together and I just make sure that I pass on the extras that my kids and husband might eat. Its very realistic and doable!

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  • Jasmine Tarter

    My favorite thing about THM is I don’t feel like I’m deprived or doing without. It is a very doable plan.

  • Julieanne

    The thing I love most about THM is that we can still have a lot of our whole foods and recipes, but we just tweak them to fit the THM lifestyle. :)

  • Julieanne

    I shared your webpost on my Facebook page!

  • Joann

    Been at it for about a week…down 3 lbs. What I have tried so far is good. It’s great to be able to go to the Facebook page for help and insperation.

  • Tim-Jenn McClain

    I have been trying to find out all i can about THM book. I am getting excited about it, that maybe it can work for me. Maybe i can win it too ;)

    • Its_Gwen

      Hope I covered the things you may be wondering about! If not, there are so many great resources, and I’m happy to answer questions here too! :)

  • Tim-Jenn McClain

    I shared too :)

  • Erin W.

    Love this post Gwen and as you know love THM!!! Almost 2 mths in and 18lbs down!! Great review! I would love to share this blog post…OK?

    • Its_Gwen

      I’d be honored if you’d share it, Erin! Thank you!

  • Karen Gouvin

    I love so much about THM. Mainly I feel it is so freeing from diets that make you count everything. LOVING THM.

  • Karen Gouvin

    Posted this on Facebook

  • Jeni

    I’ve got to say that I am amazed at how well I am dealing with cravings with this thing! I love sorting through the book and picking out a recipe. I never knew how good almond milk could be in a big boy smoothie; actually, I never know almond milk existed!

  • Jeni

    Also, I shared it on my facebook page!

  • Katie McIntier

    Shared it on two of my mommy groups on FB :) Thanks for your testimony, Gwen! I love this book and how I never feel deprived! It took me a little while to learn how to do it, and I did fall off the bandwagon recently, but I can’t wait to jump back on. I know I was feeling so great before and want to get back to that feeling!

  • Mary

    I shared the review on my facebook page

  • Mary

    Do you know of anyone with PCOS having used this, and if so how well did it work for them?

    • Its_Gwen

      Mary, there are several ladies who have pcos, and the hormone imbalance does make their losses slower, but they do lose on the plan.

      After experiencing post-menopausal hormone levels, and maddening weight gain personally, I can tell you that this diet has helped SO much in my energy levels. It prevents me from having those dramatic sugar highs and lows, which were a HUGE stress to my body, and seriously hindering my body from healing.

      There is a group called the Trim Healthy Mama Turtles on facebook. :) They’re in it for the long haul, and are plugging along at a slower pace, but STILL making progress! The ladies there are SO sweet and supportive, and this is where they share tips for ladies who struggle with losing or with hormone imbalance. I should have mentioned this in the review!

      Here is the link:

      • KJtheMom

        I’ve lost 50 pounds this year (from Nov 2012 to June 2013), and have a hundred more to go (seems like insurmountable amount at times). I’ve been following a low glycemic diet, but have stalled after 50 pounds (haven’t dropped a pound in over 2 months now…). I’ve ordered my book, and am praying THM gets the weight moving again. I too (like almost every woman over 30) have hormone and thyroid issues that have gone undiagnosed and therefore unaddressed for more than a decade. Thank you for the article and the link to the FB group which I have requested to join. I’ve also joined the allergy THM FB group as I have a dairy allergy (and a few others). Again, thank you and God bless!

        • Its_Gwen

          Enjoy the read, KJ! It’s such an amazing book. :) I also hit stalls from 1-4 weeks on THM, but adding in some liver support herbs really helped me get past the stalling phase, and I began losing a lot more easily at around 4-5 months in, without stalling.

  • Angie Lindley

    Loved reading your review — I’m thinking about getting this book! I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss and would love to try something to help get me over it.

    • Its_Gwen

      I’ve found that the way I lose is to drop chunks, and then plateau for 2 weeks. So it is “normal” to plateau, but with THM, you have options that help you to keep dropping by bumping up the FP meals or snacks. I’m LOVING it, if you can’t tell! ;)

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  • Sierra Phillips

    I love that I don’t have to make separate meals all day long for the kids and me!

    • Its_Gwen

      Me too! :) But I also can eat “special” things and make them some regular muffins if I want to.

  • Sara

    Shared the review on fb

  • Sara

    I’d love to browse through this book…just sounds so good n simple. Hoping to win ;)

  • Rachel

    Why I love THM? It has filled in the missing pieces in my own “health and nutrition” studies and I have lost 20 lbs in the last 12 weeks!

  • Rachel

    Sharing on Facebook!

  • Rachel Dale

    I just shared on FB. My favorite thing about this plan are all of the recipes that make food I love into something healthy and usually tastes better than the orginial!

  • Vickie

    Yep…I’m a TURTLE, I have PCOS and Post Menopausal. I have been on the plan about 7 weeks and have lost about 7lbs. I notice the weight loss more in my clothes than the scale. I love that my cravings for sugar/carnal have disappeared. I have learned so must much about the needs of my body and what role foods play in my health. Thank you THM!

    I shared your blob on my facebook and another group I am in.

    • vickie


  • Amy J.

    So far, I love actually reading this book. It is VERY easy to understand and even fun to read and learn from.

    • Amy J.

      i also shared on fb. :-)

  • AR

    Does your family like the ‘sweets’ you make?

    • Its_Gwen

      GREAT question!

      Yes and no. I’ve bombed a few baked goods, but we all love the puddings, the berry syrups/yogurt, skinny chocolate, the berry cheesecake crunch, the cheesecake, tummy tucking ice cream, etc. So no one is suffering. :)

      Using stevia to sweeten things has been a big learning curve for me, since you use such a small amount, and the sweetness is gentler than sugar…more of a hollow aftertaste of sweet. Adding a bit of salt helps really boost the flavor. I’m getting the hang of it! ;)

  • Christy

    I noticed you said you can choose foods from any of the food groups, but you talk about not eating bread. Are grains included in this diet?

    • Its_Gwen

      Yes! If you’ll look back at the description of the E foods, you’ll see that low glycemic grains and breads are listed there…I love bread and grains, and would not last long on a food plan without some selection there. :)

      • Its_Gwen

        Also…see the pizza crust, and the pancakes? YUM!
        The muffin swirl is grain free, but still fills a “bread” craving. :)

  • Karen Gouvin
  • Leah T.

    My favorite thing about THM is that you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of strange, expensive, or hard to find ingredients in order to follow the plan. As a farmer’s wife on a tight budget this is very important to me. :)

  • Leah T.

    I shared this blog post on FB here, . :)

  • Jennifer in PA

    I would like to read this book as I have been researching many different diets out there like paleo, primal, gluten free, etc. This sounds very sensible and balanced and I would like to read it.

  • Jennifer in PA

    Shared on Facebook on my page.

  • Renata

    Oh I would love to win this!!! I have been wondering about the book after I saw it & I loved your extensive review! I have had to change my diet a lot since I’ve been reacting to some bread/pasta products & I’d really love some guidance in what is best to eat. Blessings

  • Ruth

    I have read so many good things about this book, I am so going to get my own copy. I am on a journey of eating better and this book makes it seem very doable.

  • Robin Castillo

    I can relate to having difficulty with losing my weight after having children and having a thyroid disorder. I am really interested in this book and would love to win this book. Thank you for reviewing this book! Your review has really made me what to give this lifestyle change a chance!

  • Robin Castillo

    Shared on Facebook! :)

  • Happily Southern

    I’ve really enjoyed THM’s Muffin in a Mug… Ask any of my family and they’ll tell you that I’m an expert at skipping breakfast, but it has been so much easier to eat in the morning, when I mix up a muffin. I love trying different flavors. My favorite has been Ginger-Chocolate! Yum!

  • PlainJane

    Thank you for this super-informative review! I appreciate you mentioning how it might compare to the whole-food approach to food (a la Nourishing Traditions). So, do I understand this right? No buttered bread?! ‘Cause frankly, I might just keel over and die right now at the thought of no buttered bread. :) Also, does THM address soaking grains, fermenting, etc. like NT does?

    • Its_Gwen

      Buttered bread is a crossover, which is fine for maintaining weight, or for weight gain (in kiddos). Sadly, it’s not weight loss friendly. BUT, there are some really yummy “S” style breads using low glycemic ingredients like almond flour/flax seed meal/coconut flour…and you can put butter on those and enjoy…and STILL lose weight! :) See my cinnamon muffin with butter on it? LOVE.

      The book does address NT a good bit. Serene is very “whole food/purist”, so her recipes include soaking/sourdough/fermenting. Totally do-able for food purists, since a food purist wrote the book. :)

      Though not *everything* is food purist…you won’t be drawn to every concept/ingredient/recipe, because the book is also written to be very do-able for those who are “Drive Through Sue” types as well. :)

      This is where I think the nasty book reviews stem from…purist Mamas who are appalled that the book “allows” Truvia and Dreamfields pasta. But the ability to choose what fits YOUR lifestyle and convictions make the plan infinitely versatile.

  • Katrina

    Your book review makes me excited about the THM lifestyle. And even if I don’t win the book here… I think I’ll still buy it! :)

  • Katrina

    Btw, I’ve shared a link on Facebook as well!

  • M. R.

    So, I don’t own a THM book, but I’m following the group on Facebook and have picked up a few recipes that I’m already utilizing. The glucomannan chocolate pudding, skinny chocolate, and skinny peanutbutter chocolate are life-savers for a mom who enjoys a bit of chocolate! I would enjoy knowing, seeing, and implimenting the rest of the THM plan, if I had a book :)

    • Its_Gwen

      The book is SO worth it! The e-books are only around $20, so you could save up for that even if you don’t win the giveaway…good luck! :)

  • Mrs. Team S

    My sweet in laws ordered the book for me but it hasn’t arrived yet. I love the review. I am so glad the book is on the way! I am allergic to coconut and tree nuts. Do you think this is a do-able plan for me?

    • Its_Gwen

      I do think it’s do-able for anyone with allergies. They do recommend almond or even coconut milk for recipes, and coconut oil a good bit, but you could probably sub skim milk and butter with a little tweaking. (To meet the FP guidelines, you can use part skim milk, part water).

      The recipes that call for part flax/part almond flour can be done with all flax seed. So I think you’ d be able to use a large number of the recipes even w/o coconut or almonds. :)

  • M. R.
  • Megan

    Thank you for sharing- you have helped me feel like this is an attainable goal! I like that THM is a lifestyle and not a short term choice, so I’m praying it takes my family down a new road regarding eating!

  • Megan

    Shared on FB!

  • Tracy Arnold Blough

    The chapter on hormones was a real eye opener for me. I have serious period issues and have been on birth control pills for years to help deal with them. I am now off of the pill and will wait a few cycles to have my hormone levels tested. It will be nice to know, finally, why my periods are so BAD! I am actually relieved to know there could be natural fixes out there for me!

    I also shared your link on my facebook page. Awesome review!

  • Amber W.

    I’m loving THM…I’m 22 weeks pregnant, and this lifestyle has helped me to gain a minimum amount of weight, and I’m feeling much better this pregnancy. I’d love to win a copy for my mom!

  • Charity Hines

    very excited to have an eating style that works for our entire family

    .shared your detailed review on facebook

  • Melissa Baitz
  • Emily

    Do you know id the stevia packets from NuNtaurals (which contain Maltodextrin) are safe to use? THANKS!

    • Its_Gwen

      maltodexterin is not “plan approved”. I think erithratol is, which is what they use in Truvia. Some ladies are buying non-gmo erithratol and making their own blends.

      I just carry my shaker bottle in my purse, or grab a bottle of the Sweetleaf Stevia drops if I’m going out and would like to sweeten a drink or coffee.

  • Emily

    Shared on FB too! Thanks! :)

  • Michelle

    Thank you for this review. I love the way you make the plan seem so doable. I am looking forward to jumping in and living the THM lifestyle. I would love to win a copy of the book! Each review I read makes me want to read it more and more. Thanks again, and by the way you look great!

  • Stephanie Barbour Haas

    I loved reading the book! Even more-so I’ve loved the recipe section.
    Great book review, Gwen. You’re blog has been a favorite of mine for years!

  • Lori Knight

    I posted this on Facebook. :)

  • Lori Knight

    Do you need to cook a lot with this program? I am not much of a cook. :(

    • Its_Gwen

      Lori, there are recipes for ladies who are not much into cooking…little 5 minute meal type deals, like muffin in a mug. If you just have rudimentary cooking skills, there are things here that you would be able to do.

      That being said, you can use very simple foods straight from the grocery store or market and still be totally on plan. Cooking is going to give you way more variety in your meals, though.

      I’m what I like to call a “lazy cook”, in that I want easy recipes that are fast to make. :) Maybe some of the ones I post will be a good fit for you?

  • mamatomany

    I shared this review on my facebook page as well. Excellent review! Lots of effort went into that – I know you did it justice…you go girl :)

  • Betty

    I love all the info and the pictures are awesome! I shared this on FB.:)

  • Randi Payne

    I can’t wait to get the book so i can read it! I love that you don’t have to go all organic or give up sweets to be healthy and energetic. Looking forward to making a lifestyle change for better health.
    I shared your review on Facebook.

  • Elizabeth Myers

    I would love to win this for my family!!!!! My mom and I cook for our family and we struggle with what to make a family that needs to get healthy, but for the most part doesn’t want to!!! I think it would be super cool to have this as a helping guide!!!

  • Margaret

    I’ve just shared this review on my timeline!

  • Margaret

    As I’ve been reading THM and adopting these recipes into my diet I’ve experienced a freedom in eating and enjoying real food without guilt or feeling rigid with my food choices. It’s exhilarating! ( and the rest of the household are reaping the benefits too!)

  • Emily

    Sorry, I also wondered if whole wheat sourdough is acceptable for THM? If so, how/when/how much? Thanks! :)

    • Its_Gwen

      Yes! Even my easy bread dough (if done with mostly whole wheat flour) is on plan for E meals. The book gives lots more details about when and how much…it’s more than I can get into here.

  • Leslie Trontvet

    I’ve read the book and in just over one month have finally hit the 10# mark for weight lost!

  • Leslie Trontvet

    I linked to this on FB. :)

  • Nina

    My favorite thing about THM is losing weight but not feeling deprived, I have a thyroid problem but still have lost weight on the plan. Life changing in how I view some foods, we have been so programmed in wrong thinking about butter, fats and more.Thanks for a great review on the book!

  • Youthful One

    Harumph – my original comments seem to have been eaten.

    I’m anxious to read the book, so I’m really hoping to win since we can’t afford to purchase it and my library doesn’t have it yet.

    We buy raw milk currently.
    Does the plan allow milk when you switch from weight loss to maintenance?

    • Its_Gwen

      You can use milk products (cream, strained yogurt, etc.) while on the weight loss version of the plan. Drinking milk is a great way to put on weight, or to maintain, but you’d have to be careful not to overindulge there. It’s liquid carbs and fats…and it does a great job of fattening up milk lovers. Look what it does to babies! :)

      • Its_Gwen

        P.S. We buy “real” milk too! It’s part of my kids diet, and an occasional splurge in mine. :)

  • Youthful One

    Posted this review on my facebook page.

  • Leslie Trontvet
  • Emily

    Could you share the recipe for the Black Cherry Sauce you have listed? It looks amazing! I own the THM book, but couldn’t find it in the book. Thank you!

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Emily! I will be happy to share it! I used frozen cherries…about 2 cups total. If you don’t have an immersion blender, just rough chop them to whatever size you want. Put them in a saucepan, and added enough water to cover them. Maybe 2 cups of water? Add a dash of salt and your sweetener of choice. Heat on medium and add 1/2 t. of gluccomannan. I buzzed mine with the immersion blender to get the gluccomannan mixed in, and to break up a lot of the whole cherries. Just heat and stir until thickened a bit, and then pour into a jar in the fridge.

      • Its_Gwen

        Cherries are higher carb, so use just a couple of T with S recipes. :)

  • Andrea Bedford

    Favourite thing…hmm, it’s hard to pin-point just one…maybe that I get to enjoy both fats AND carbs and my blood sugar stays nice and stable all day long!!

  • Amos

    Hi, Gwen – I posted your review on one of my exercise groups! You have outdone yourself with putting together all this info!! Thank you sooo much!! I love the quick start guide and weightloss tracker you made!! I love that THM is so easy and doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of! I’m hooked! :)

  • El

    Love this book! Thank-you for this review now I can readily share it with Family and friends!

  • Hannah Avery

    I like the fact that you can still eat all of the food groups.
    -Hannah Avery

  • Hannah Avery

    Linked to this review on my Facebook.!/hannahardoinmx
    -Hannah Avery

  • Courtney Mount

    Where is your pumpkin smoothie recipe? Looks yummy!

    • Its_Gwen

      Courtney, I think I found that one on the facebook group. :) I’ll post my version of it at some point!

  • Tabatha Walker

    love the trim healthy pancackes , my husband said just don’t tell me whats in them. lol

  • donnah neal

    Gwen, your review of the book is great. I am sure I will have plenty of questions for you after I read it. Did you get a hard copy first or PDF that you printed? I don’t enjoy referencetype books on the computer. I prefer to be able to flip through. Have you found that to be a problem with your PDF version?

    • Its_Gwen

      Donnah, I prefer a hard copy to read, because I like to highlight, make notes, etc. in my books. But once I read through the book, I really wanted the PDF so that I could print out the recipes and add them to my recipe binders. I LOVE the search feature on the PDF too…SO much easier to find things with that. :)

  • LadyKatie86

    Thanks so much! This is awesome! I will be referring people to this site when they ask what I’m doing because you explain THM so well. Thanks! I only want to add that I am living in the Middle East and have still been able to start implementing this lifestyle. No excuses!!! Though I am looking forward to ordering my Glucomannan and having some Legal Puddings. ;)

  • Chelsea McDermott

    You’ve sold me! I can’t wait to read this book. Question: did you read through the whole book or is there a “quick start” chapter that can be used to get started while reading the rest of the book??

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Chelsea!
      I read up to the recipes, and just jumped in with both feet. So I was reading and trying the recipes as I went along.

      I thought a “quick start guide” would be really helpful, so I wrote one that is linked at the bottom of the book review.

      I thought about including a menu, but then, people’s tastes and food preferences are so varied, that I just made mention of the recipes that I really enjoyed, and an overall grocery list, etc. So you can choose your favorites. :)

  • Rachel

    A question….Besides the glucommona powder, are the ingredients something we would have in our pantries? I have been so back and forth about this book! I see your post and I am sold because I appreciate your writings and love to glean off of your knowledge, but then I will read other reviews and fear it will be another boring “diet” book that I can’t stick with, or recipes I can’t do…..

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Rachel,
      I think I mentioned that the only 2 things I bought online were the gluccomannan and the stevia extract. Aside from that, I used things I can get at the grocery store, or already had in my cabinet.

      Admittedly, I am a health-foodish type of person, so I had “collected” some of the superfoods, but wasn’t really incorporating them into my diet until THM. So I’ve been able to use my chia seeds and organic berries much more often. :)

      I think this way of eating is really accessible for most people. It’s TOTALLY stick-with-able, and if you can put together simple recipes, you can do this.

  • Sarah Gommesen

    Thank you fort this review! I have been following THM on Facebook for a while but still do not have my own book. I am interested about the low glycemic part for my dad who is struggling with high blood sugar as well as being able to stop craving carbs! I am definitely sharing this with my friends! :-)

  • Sarah Gommesen

    I just shared your blog about the book on Facebook. :-)

  • MamaMomo

    I already have a copy of the book, so I don’t need to win a copy but I have to back you up and say, since starting the THM lifestyle in the first week of December, I have lost 20 pounds, down to a size 8 from a 14 and feeling SO much better in every way! I had always had trouble any time I wanted to lose weight, pretty much my whole life. I will not go into detail about my obsessive healthy eating and how nothing, absolutely NOTHING, worked for me to make my waist budge postpartum. This is literally the only thing I have ever found that has worked. I’m so glad you have found the same!

    • Its_Gwen

      *high five* AWESOME testimony! Thank you for sharing, and SO proud of your weight loss!

  • MamaMomo

    Actually, changed my mind, en ebook version would be great. My favorite thing about THM is how delicious the food is, with no guilt attached!

  • Pamela Tolkkinen

    Do they address adrenal fatigue in the book? I would love to try it!

    • Its_Gwen

      I don’t remember if they address that specifically in the book. But lowering blood sugar spikes is SUPER helpful and health-ful for everyone!

  • Pamela Tolkkinen

    sharing on FB

  • Emily

    I am waiting for my book to get here! How quickly did you jump into it? Did you start with just one meal a day and work up?

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Emily! I just decided to jump in all the way on Jan. 1st. You can use the principles without any special ingredients, so I was able to stick with it while I waited on my stevia and gluccomannan to arrive, so I could try out some recipes. :)

      The quick start guide I’ve included may be helpful to you. It has a sample ‘getting started’ checklist by week, if you want or need to step in more slowly.

  • Hannah Mast

    I LOVE this book and would love to win a copy for my friend! It is life changing and I love all the recipes too!

  • Abdi Bertram

    I love how complete the book is in many areas besides just diet and food. The online help and openess of Pearl and Serene is so incredible. They make it so doable! And thank you for this review. God Bless!

  • Stephanie Wahab

    I would love to win this book to give to a family member. =) I have been eating this way for 3 days and so far my favorite things is that I have felt full and satisfied all day and have still lost 2lbs in 3 days. Can’t wait to see what is yet to come.

  • Stephanie Wahab

    I posted your review on my Facebook wall. =)

  • Kristen

    Does THM give information on losing weight while breastfeeding?

    • Its_Gwen

      They do not directly address breastfeeding, but I shared in my review that my friend who introduced me to it was not only able to drop weight while breastfeeding, but eating THM style also *increased* her milk supply! So it’s a great choice for breastfeeding Mamas, and many of the ladies in the facebook group are breastfeeding as well and losing weight (with no loss of milk supply).

  • Kelly Braughler

    I shared this link on FB! Can’t wait to check this put even if I don’t win your giveaway!

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  • Becca Hollon

    I’ve known about THM for months now, and I guess I’m still skeptical about a few things THM reccommends, especially the nustevia/gluccie thing?
    However, losing weight is next to impossible for me, and I’d love to be able to lose weight without fad diets–because I refuse to “starve myself” just to be our society’s definition of fit. That being said, I think I’d be interested enough to try it out for myself!

    • Its_Gwen

      I’ve been doing a bit of research on both gluccomannan and stevia. Initially, I was skeptical too, but the data is changing my mind. :)
      The gluccomannan research is based on *using it in capsules as a stomach filler*. The way the book utilizes gluccomannan in a completely different way. It’s *always* fully blended into foods, and pre-expanded prior to ingesting it. Gluccie has also been studied as a prebiotic, since it inhibits harmful bacteria, and enhances good bacteria. LOTS of good stuff on that one. :)
      The stevia, I’m finding, is being studied for its ability to enhance insulin response from type 2 diabetics, and is a natural way of helping to lower their blood sugar. There is speculation that it’s rehabilitating the beta cells.

      So far, I’ve not found any basis for the negative rumors. And I’ve been looking. :)

  • Jessica

    I shared the link on FB. :)

  • viola bontrager

    I would LOVE to win this book. Is Amazon the only place to buy the hard copy of the book?

    • Its_Gwen

      It looks that way, Viola.

  • Amy Lyn

    I have taken greens (in 2oz of water) in the past in the morning. Do you think I still need to take them doing the plan?

    • Its_Gwen

      There is a recipe in the book called “earth milk” that is done with greens, and many ladies love it! It’s a good nutritional boost, and is great for occasional cleansing or nutrition boosts. But they don’t recommend it daily.

      The plan also incorporates lots of superfoods, so depending on what foods you put together, you may not need additional supplementing of greens.

  • branchofthevine

    This is so exciting, Gwen! I have been reading about your health journey and also this book review. This may be the diet I begin at this stage. I lost 80 pound before babies on low-carb, but with hormones and health issues, have been unable to go back to it. This sounds more balanced.

    • Its_Gwen

      I’m super excited about the impact it’s had on my health. :)

  • branchofthevine

    shared on FB as well.

  • Joey Jordan Bragg

    Ok, I admit it, I really did not want to read about another diet book but I did anyway. I have to admit that I found it intriguing enough that I read your whole story. Well written by the way and I am posting on my Facebook right now! Ok and YES! I want the Kindle version please!

    • Its_Gwen

      HA! I’m with you on not wanting to read any more diet books. :) This will be the last one for me!

  • Brenda Dady Theune

    I would love to win this! Do you know if it works well for those of us not-so-young mamas, too?

    • Its_Gwen

      It works for all ages, Brenda! :) I’m not so young myself, and my Mom is doing THM and succeeding at it. So YES!

  • laura

    I bought the book and love it. If I win I could pass this book onto others.

  • Lisa

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! My daughter and I could each have a copy.

  • cindy kilpatrick

    Real cheese and bacon. I love eating fats again, the THM way!

  • Mandi B

    I love THM! It has completely changed my life! I am eating way better than I ever have and I feel great! I love your review, Gwen! It’s so very motivating! :)

  • Mavis s

    I LOVE that THM is compatible with pregnancy, which is where I’m at. Great review, Gwen!

  • Tammy Seiler

    I love that THM gives me some control over my weight and health without “dieting’ and starving myself.

  • Tammy Seiler

    Shared. :)

  • Ann

    Hi Gwen, I have read the Trim Healty Mama book. Then I found your blog on their regular facebook page. Your book review is so helpful to reference people to when trying to explain this eating lifestyle. And your quick start guide is great! After reading your quick start guide I tried to join the facebook group so I could print thevarious lists you suggested printing. Because I am technologically challenged I couldn’t figure out how to join the group. Could you please tell me how? Thank you!

    • Its_Gwen

      Ann, are you on a desktop or regular computer? If so, go to the page from the link above, and look to the far right of the menu bar…there’s a little button that says “Join Group”…and that’s all you have to do! :)

  • Cynthia

    I love the idea of basing a healthy diet on blood sugar balance!

  • Cynthia

    Shared a link to your review on my FB page.

  • Hollie Miller Wood

    I love that this book can actually be a long term solution to eating healthy!!!! Sharing on FB!

  • Rebecca Holland

    I attended a Above Rubies retreat about 3 years ago and they were talking about this book, I’m so glad it’s finally out both ladies have such a passion for God, their families and keeping everyone healthy!

  • Rebecca Holland

    Shared on FB as well.

  • Andrea Bedford

    Shared on FB :-)

  • jg

    Im always up for winning a book

  • Meg

    Can I use THM while breastfeeding?

    • Its_Gwen

      Definitely! There are lots of nursing Mamas on the Trim Healthy Mama group, who are losing weight in a healthy slow way. There are even pregnant Mamas who are doing THM and gaining in a much more healthy pattern than with prior pregnancies. Exciting!

  • Laura O’Neill

    I haven’t heard of this until a friend shared your review on her FB page today. I’m a huge proponent for moderation and not eliminating entire food groups for a ‘diet’ as they rarely have long lasting effects. I’m definitely entrigued about this title having read your review and the pictures sure look yummy.

  • Kaira

    It sounds very difficult to cut out carbs and fats together – that sounds like it would wipe out the best stuff, but I have been intrigued by this book. I too have balked at the price, but I can see that it is probably a worthwhile investment. I would just hate to invest in it and find it too hard to stick with. I do see many of our friends raving about it though. Was it difficult to get the rest of your family on board?

    • Its_Gwen

      My husband was wanting for us to both cut sugar after the holidays, so he was definitely in support of it. My kids are not separating carbs & fats, because they are all thin and growing. But as I’ve tweaked our food choices, they are even eating healthier, as I’m just not buying the snacky stuff, and they’re getting a lot more veggie options. :)

      I’ve found it very do-able!

    • Jessi Colten

      We are in the 3rd month of THM at our house. I jumped in head first! I took everything in our cabinets that wasn’t THM approved and got rid of it. Went to our local health food stores and got the NuNaturals and Truvia at Wal-Mart, as well as Joseph’s (a staple at our house!!) My family balked at first but when my oldest went from a size 10 dress to a size 4 in 3 weeks, she decided that it wasn’t all that bad! My hubby, 2nd oldest daughter and son have very high metabolisms, so they eat more of the crossovers than the rest of us. I have yet to buy gluccie, I use xanthan gum, because it was at the local health food store, and I bought enough that I haven’t had to order gluccie yet, but I will be soon!
      I have lost 21.2 lbs in 10 weeks which is about 9% of my body weight. I have a goal of 52 lbs this year… My first 3 weeks the weight dropped quickly! But, bigger gals drop weight faster! I regret not taking b4 pictures and measurements, it would be nice to know what I’ve lost in inches, but I had done that too many times in the past and didn’t even want to have another picture of my failure!
      I’m not going to lie, it was hard the first few weeks, but determination overrides that struggle! I was at my highest weight, getting ready to have to start buying size 20/2X clothing and I wasn’t having it! My last 2 years blood work from the dr had “issues” and my children are all still young and I want to see my grandchildren! I have an appointment scheduled for next week to have my yearly physical, I’m actually excited to see the results this year instead of being worried about what may possibly be wrong with me this year.
      I suggest you follow Gwen’s quick start plan. I wish she had written that before I started! It is a great guideline and will make the transition soooo much smoother!
      Good Luck!

    • Kristi


      I only started THM a week or two ago, and I have found that it is not difficult at all. What is very helpful is that Serene and Pearl give thorough lists of foods that can be eaten with both/either S or E meals. It takes the guesswork out of it and it is very do-able. They also give examples of whole meals, so you start out with plenty of ideas. I’ve never been this excited about food!

  • Troy Carolyn Orner

    I need some inspiration to lose some of the extra lbs that I’m carrying around.

  • Dara

    Awesome article, and I love the printables!

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  • Jennifer C

    As a fellow THM, you have written a wonder post about the ins and outs of the THM lifestyle. great job!

    also, do you really have a schnitzel house near you? was a military brat who loved schnitzel when stationed in Germany.. Definitely not THM, but like you said, jump back on afterwards!

    Best wishes!

    • Its_Gwen

      We DO have a fantastic local German restaurant! :)

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  • H

    If you want to feed your family better, if you want to get your kids off sugar and junk, if you want to feel better and more energetic, if you want to lose some weight in a healthful way, if you want to gain some weight in a healthful way, if you want/need to be gluten free, if you want to nourish your body, BUT YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START- read “Trim Healthy Mama”. Even if you are not a Mama. Read it if you want to read a good book that is easy to understand and makes a ton of sense. Read it if you want to really know how to make good, nutritious, easy choices and changes (not to mention delicious :-) Read it!!! Read it!!! READ IT!!! If you want to. ;-)

    • Its_Gwen

      Amen, sistah!

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  • Renata S.

    I am so interested in what this book has to learn!I’ve been looking for a whole different way of eating for my family so having a bok that’s figured everything out sounds. Plus I’ve been wanting to start using gluten free recipes and I’ve heard that switching over is really not that expensive, which you are also confirming. It’s exciting that there’s a lot of interest for this out there!

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  • Ginny Mendez Moore

    Hi Gwen! Loving your blog! I’ve been at THM now for about 2 months… have lost about 13 lbs and have 50 more to go… Its weird but I keep waiting for my weight to stop coming off at some point and it hasn’t yet… just bad past experience, but I’m actually feeling so hopeful! My in-laws are excited about the plan, but they only speak spanish and live in Chile! So they have asked me to give them a simple, condensed version of the plan. If it is ok with you, I will use your info here to translate (I grew up in Chile as a missionary kid so can speak Spanish fluently). I just wanted to run it by you first. Blessings!!!!! ~ Ginny

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Ginny,
      You are welcome to translate this and the quick start guide for them. How very kind of you, and how exciting that you’re so successful with your weight loss! Isn’t it great!

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  • paula

    Thanks for these posts! I’ve had the book for months now, along with some ingredients, but have been a bit overwhelmed with it all. I also need to get past my low-carb thinking, which has always worked for me in the past. You have really inspired me to get started. Thanks again!

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Paula! For most people, low carb only works temporarily, but because it leaves out carbs, it will cause metabolic problems and major stalls and energy slumps if done exclusively.

  • Tara Hills

    Beautiful laugh out loud blog! Thank you for sharing!!! And the recipe pics are drool worthy!

    • Its_Gwen

      Thank you, Tara! :)

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  • Juli

    THANK YOU for your meticulous work/review!! Everything you wrote rings true!! I have my THM book and am on my way to a new food journey!! Appreciate ALL your helpful hints…it was like pre-reading the book and prepared me for when mine actually came in the mail…if that makes sense:) Blessings!!

    • Its_Gwen

      You’re very welcome! :)

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  • Holly

    Hi Gwen! I followed Stacy’s link to read your post about THM. How would this resource be helpful to a family who does not want to lose weight? (I think having the word “Trim” first in the title makes me a little leery.)

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Holly,

      I’d say a majority of the ladies who are using the book are using it as a weight loss system initially, but after you’re at goal weight, you still use the same basic principles to maintain weight, but with more freedom to combine the two ‘fuels’ of fats and carbs into crossovers.

      Basically, the lifestyle of THM is slow carb, healthy blood sugar focus, so it’s really a great diet for anyone. My kids eat THM maintenance style now for the most part.

      If you’re interested in GF, sugar free living, their recipes are great, and they make it so easy to transition over from the blood sugar spiking counterparts.

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  • Jackie Merritt

    Great information. I am looking to purchase the book. Your review has really helped me. A friend recommended the book. Thanks for your insight.

  • Tiffany DeOs

    Thanks for sharing!!! I loved the review and bought some of the things I will need once my book gets here through your store. I will also be sharing your review on my blog in the next few days. :)

    • Its_Gwen

      Thank you, Tiffany! Enjoy your THM journey!!! So glad to share mine with you. :)

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  • Lisa B.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have been reading the book but I just wanted a “quick start guide.” Sort of a “Cliff Notes” version so I can continue reading and learning, but feel like I have enough knowledge to just start eating. And you are right, I’m feeling very overwhelmed at the moment at all the changes, but I know it will get easier. Here’s to JUMPING IN! :-) (And before I even opened the guide, I saw your book flags and my jaw literally dropped. Love it!)

    • Its_Gwen

      Yay! You can do it! Just take it one change at a time and make it fit your life and tastes. Expect some of your tastes to change, and give your body the grace and support to change at its own pace. ♥

  • fitinthemiddle

    If a book can change a life, then it’s definitely worth trying. I also write articles from time to time and if I see a person being helped by my article, it makes it worth all the effort.

    • Its_Gwen

      It’s been revolutionary here!

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  • Melissa

    New to THM, love reading how everyone loses weight. Got my book about a month ago and didn’t know where to start. Thank God I stumbled across ur site. I wanted to get organized and was finding it hard to do. Thanks soo much! :-)

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  • Piper

    Really? Watermelon is one the lowest carb fruits. 5 carbs per 2 cup serving, same as raspberries and popcorn.

    • Its_Gwen

      This is where I’m seeing the info on watermellon:

      It may be low glycemic compared to other foods, but it’s very watery, and liquid carbs to spike the blood sugar faster, so it’s smart for those who react strongly to sugar spikes to really treat it with respect, and eat it in the context of a meal, IMO.

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  • Michelle Crumpacker

    Hi Gwen ~
    I just came across this and loved reading your review. I would like to link to your Quick Start Guide, but the link does not seem to work…is this still available?

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for letting me know…I fixed the link. :)

  • Jen

    Thanks so much for this!!! I’m going to check our library to see if they have the book if not I’ll be purchasing it! <3 I did Dukan which is a lifestyle, too, from 7/2011 to 12/2011 and lost 35+ pounds. Then I got pregnant, fell off the eating right wagon…and here I am with 15 pounds to lose again. This looks great…and I really think it'll be good for the whole family!

    • Its_Gwen

      We’ve loved it!

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  • Cookiesandmilk888

    Gwen I just accidentally found your blog and am so glad I did. Your journey is quite inspiring! I was wondering if the book provides much support about how to make this work for a fully breastfeeding mother of an infant. My third child is 2.5 months and I have fifteen pounds to lose and work out five days a week and eat mostly whole foods. Scale is still not budging. Thing this could work and allow me to keep my milk supply up and start to lose the baby weight?

    • Its_Gwen

      I first learned about this plan from a friend who was a nursing Mama, and who was also really into healthy living/eating/exercise. When she shared that she was able to lose weight AND that her milk supply increased, my ears perked up. :) I knew that THM was doing something right for her metabolism for that to happen!

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  • Tracy

    Gwen, can we have a link to the liquid Stevia that you buy? I want to make sure I get the right one! Thank you!

    • Tracy

      Nevermind I found it! I guess I should’ve explored the site more before posting lol! Thank you!

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  • Pingback: Grassfed Mama – Stevia Sweetened Kettle Corn – Trim Healthy Mama recipe!

  • Tracy Scott

    Hey Gwen – Your quick start and organizational tips were a great resource to go with Trim Healthy Mama. I can’t believe it – I am having a BALL with the program and look forward to every meal. I am eating WAY better, building energy, losing body fat and weight and it’s only been a week and a half. Thought I would share this happy pic of me with my almost completed tabs thanks to your instruction!

    • Its_Gwen

      I love it!!! Thank you for sharing! I’m smiling back at you. :)

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  • DaLynn McCoy

    Thanks for the link in IBN! Great review, very thorough and intriguing. Definitely going to look at this when things slow down. I appreciate how much you’ve revealed here, because I seldom spend $10 on a book let alone $35. LOL God bless you for what you’re doing, and praise to Him for your success!

    • Its_Gwen

      I got more out of this book than I got out of the many (much pricier) college textbooks I bought years ago. :) Much more practical!

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  • Laurelsm

    I am totally confused about the sugar in the ingredients vs sugar in the nutritional list—I have found several bacons that have zero sugar in the nutritional info but sugar is listed in All of them as part of the “curing”. Is this ok? Same thing with Every reddi whip I have looked at. No sugar in the nutritional info but listed in the ingredients. Can you clarify

    • Its_Gwen

      Sugar in the ingredients list means that they have added sugar to a product. Especially if it’s listed in the first 3 ingredients, it probably is not on plan for THM. BUT if there are no sugars listed in the nutrition info, and has less than 1 carb per serving, then it can be used on plan for THM, because the amount is negligible.

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  • Stephanie Westley Chayrez

    I know this is an older post, but I just wanted to thank you for sharing all of your research and ideas. Your plan and encouragement are exactly what I need to get going on this. I’m about a third through the book and was feeling pretty overwhelmed. I’m still kind of iffy about the likelihood of successfully ditching sugar, but I’ll keep reading and I will give it a go! Seriously, though, thank you so much for your help!

    • Its_Gwen

      I didn’t think I could do it either, but I proved myself wrong! :) You can do it!

      I found that ABSOLUTELY going off sugar & carbs was essential for me. If I cheated, I awoke the craving monster early on. Also, getting enough E meals in really helps knock out the cravings, because you’re providing your body with plenty of healthy carbs. ♥

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  • Carol

    Hi Gwen, not sure if you still check this? Just starting out and can’t find the document- S, E, or FP?, and when you suggest printing Breakfast list and Snack list- is it the E Breakfast and S Breakfast, etc? Thank you! I enjoy your blog- I think most because it feels cozy, homey, encouraging!

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Carol,
      I’m no longer on the Facebook groups, but I’m sure you could ask there and get assistance. I will work on updating the quick start guide. :)