Low Carb Caramel “Samoas” Milkshake {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

Samoas-ShakeOn the menu: this low carb Samoas Milkshake recipe. My brilliant friend Jennifer sent me a message yesterday saying, “I’m dying! I have passed up more tables with Girl Scout Cookies screaming my name! Samoas area favorite. I used your Thin Mint Shake recipe (my other favorite Girl Scout cookie) and tweaked it to create a Somoa Shake!”

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Sugar Free Frozen Eggnog Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


How about a frozen eggnog recipe? A SUGAR FREE, protein packed, super fast to whiz together *scrump-diddli-icious* frozen breakfast treat is on tap this Trim Healthy Tuesday.

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Orange Peach Sugar Free Syrup {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

sugar-free-syrup-recipeI promised this orange peach syrup recipe a (mumble) weeks ago, and today, I deliver.

Peach & orange have been a favorite flavor combination since I was in middle school, and my Mom made some fuzzy navel Nada-ritas one weekend. The tartness of oranges PERFECTLY compliments the tangy sweet notes of peaches.

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Banana Cream Cake Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

thm-banana-cream-cake-recipBanana Cream Cake recipe today. Y’all. This is SO fantastic. Now, you KNOW that I’m a Trim Healthy Mama at heart, but I promise you that this morsel from heaven is on plan, and approved by Pearl. If you’ve missed nanners on THM, then you’re gonna LOVE this!

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Sourdough Pancake Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

sourdough-pancake-recipeThis REAL sourdough pancake recipe uses the easy starter mix that I made last week here on Trim Healthy Tuesday.
BOY howdy is this good. They are SO filling and surprisingly NOT sour! They have a really nutty/hearty whole grain flavor, and amazing texture. I’m in love.

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Luscious Lemon Yogurt Recipe

luscious-lemon-yogurtThis luscious lemon yogurt recipe is actually the invention of my son. We both LOVE lemon desserts, but who needs a dessert when you can quickly mix up this Luscious Lemon Yogurt! Even if you’re not a big fan of yogurt, you’ll be amazed at the way the zing of the lemon dances with the twang of yogurt…it’s a little party in your mouth!

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