Sugar Free Frozen Eggnog Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


How about a frozen eggnog recipe? A SUGAR FREE, protein packed, super fast to whiz together *scrump-diddli-icious* frozen breakfast treat is on tap this Trim Healthy Tuesday.

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Orange Peach Sugar Free Syrup {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

sugar-free-syrup-recipeI promised this orange peach syrup recipe a (mumble) weeks ago, and today, I deliver.

Peach & orange have been a favorite flavor combination since I was in middle school, and my Mom made some fuzzy navel Nada-ritas one weekend. The tartness of oranges PERFECTLY compliments the tangy sweet notes of peaches.

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Taco Salad 3 Ways {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


Today is Taco Salad day here at Gwen’s Nest, on this fine Trim Healthy Tuesday. I’ve been asked to blog about how I like to eat my taco salad, and my answer is–ANY way you make it! I love tacos and Mexi-fare so much that it pretty much has its own day on my weekly menu.

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Rooibos Chai Tea {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

Roobios-Chia-Tea-II Roobios chia tea is a lifesaver. I love coffee with real cream, even though I didn’t indulge daily. So it really stunk big time when I discovered that I needed to cut out caffeine. I was never a huge fan of herbal teas, but on recommendation of friends, I’ve discovered a few really delicious teas that pair nicely with my E breakfasts. This Roobios chia from Savvy Teas & Herbs is one of them.

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Tomato Cucumber Salad {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

tomato-cucumber-saladTomato cucumber salad is the quintessential summer salad in the fridge of grandmothers all over the south. Grandmother Porter used bottled Italian dressing as the marinade, and simply added more veggies to the bowl after each meal, creating an everlasting summer side dish. It’s best with fresh tomatoes, but the mix even elevates grocery store cherry tomatoes to a whole new level of delicious.

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Low Carb Lime Tortilla Chip Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


This low carb Lime “Tortilla” chip recipe is such a great way to feed that crunchy-chip craving. I used to LOVE the salted lime flavored tortilla chips from the store…you know the ones that are full of all sorts of non-healthy junk and carbs. Yeah. those. <hangs head in shame>

But I’ve got a new outlook on life, a new Trim Healthy body, and this is a healthy and DELICIOUS way to get that yummy tart, twangy, crunchy, salty flavor without all the carbs and junk.

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