Taco Salad 3 Ways {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


Today is Taco Salad day here at Gwen’s Nest, on this fine Trim Healthy Tuesday. I’ve been asked to blog about how I like to eat my taco salad, and my answer is–ANY way you make it! I love tacos and Mexi-fare so much that it pretty much has its own day on my weekly menu.

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Perfect Peanut Butter {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

peanut butter recipe (1)Perfect peanut butter recipe? YES! But I’m not just tooting my own horn here. There’s a perfectly logical reason behind the name that I’ll get to later. All you really need to know right now is that it’s amazingly simple, and absolutely toasty-warm-creamy-licious-peanut-buttery perfection.

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Spaghetti Pie Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

spahgetti-pie-recipe (1)This is my favorite spaghetti pie recipe. Actually, to be really honest, it’s my favorite way to eat spaghetti period. The first time I ordered pasta on a date, I realized that there are very high odds of multiple eating faux-pas that can happen when you’re slurping down…er, I mean ‘delicately eating’ a plate full of noodles and sauce.

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Cheeseburger Quesadilla Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

cheeseburger-quesadillasCheeseburger Quesadillas are man pleasing grub…perfectly sized for party food, and flat out DELICIOUS! You can top these with your favorite burger fixing to create a DIY burger bar on family night. This is what I’ll be cooking up for my Trim Healthy Man on Father’s Day, so I’m gonna make some for you today here on Trim Healthy Tuesday!

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Beef Stroganoff Recipe – E Style! {Trim Healthy Tuesday Link Up!}


My Beef Stroganoff Recipe gets an E style makeover this week on Trim Healthy Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed last weeks awesome collection of Trim Healthy Mama inspired posts…let’s start with my recipe for this week, and then we’ll look at the top favorites from last week and do the link up fun again!

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THM Chili Mix & E Style Chili Recipe

This THM chili mix recipe is basically a re-working of my family favorite chili mix recipe. I’ll give you the ‘test batch’ recipe, and the jar-full recipe, as well as a DELICIOUS E style chili with ground beef!

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