Sugar Free Coconut Caramel Crunch {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

Coconut-Caramel-CrunchThis sugar free Coconut Caramel Crunch is the featured topping from last week’s Samoas Milkshake recipe. In case you enjoy that one as much as I do, this bulk mix recipe will get you set to enjoy LOTS of Samoas milkshakes and save you lots of time.

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Low Carb Caramel “Samoas” Milkshake {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

Samoas-ShakeOn the menu: this low carb Samoas Milkshake recipe. My brilliant friend Jennifer sent me a message yesterday saying, “I’m dying! I have passed up more tables with Girl Scout Cookies screaming my name! Samoas area favorite. I used your Thin Mint Shake recipe (my other favorite Girl Scout cookie) and tweaked it to create a Somoa Shake!”

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Weight Loss Before & After: One Year {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

One Year Update

This weight loss before & after is probably the last one I’ll need to post, but I’m SO excited to post it. Last year this time, I was *just* getting my feet wet with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, and I remember on the brand new Facebook group, a lady asked, “Is there anyone here who has actually been on this diet for a year or more and sustained weight loss?”

(Do you detect a tone? I thought I detected a tone.)

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Mini Kitchen Pantry Makeover {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

My Tiny Kitchen-before

I wanted to share my mini kitchen pantry makeover with all of you, because I just can’t contain my excitement. Above, you can see a little diagram of my mini-kitchen. It’s homey and cozy and the size of a postage stamp. Which means that storage is a problem. And see that pot rack that hangs into the walkway? Also a problem.

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Busy Mama Tips to Stay On Plan {Trim Healthy Tuesday}


Need some Busy Mama tips to stay on plan? Have you ever felt too frazzled and hurried to even think about food? A little too busy to think about things like eating, showering, and sleeping? I hear you, and I totally get where you’re at. But I promise that staying on plan with Trim Healthy Mama is totally do-able and worth it for even the most frazzled and busy Mamas. Today’s Trim Healthy Tuesday post is all about making Trim Healthy Mama eating *convenient*.

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Sugar-Free Brown Sugar Recipe {Trim Healthy Tuesday}

sugar-free-brown-sugarA sugar-free brown sugar recipe is not something you really ever think about until you are working on going sugar free.  And the holidays hit.  And then it ranks right up there as a ‘need’ next to toilet paper and oxygen.

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