Trim Healthy Mama Recipes by Type


Looking for THM inspiration? Here’s all of my Trim Healthy Mama recipes sorted by type: S, E and Fuel Pull

Satisfying S Recipe

S recipes satisfy your body with healthy sources of fat, and are low in carbs.

Energizing E Recipes

E recipes energize your body with healthy carbohydrates.  They are low in fat, and centered around a lean protein source. But don’t let the “low fat” designation fool you…an E meal or snack can be delicious and as addictive as the yummy S meals once you discover how good they make you feel!

Fuel Pull Recipes

Fuel Pull recipes work with EVERY type of meal, or all on their own for deeper fat burning if your metabolism is well fueled/revved.

Crossover Recipes

Crossover recipes are for weight gain or can be used for maintaining your healthy goal weight, in addition to E and S meals.  They combine both fats and healthy carbs.  I love making healthy crossover snacks and meals for my kids!

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Trim Healthy Mama Recipes by Type — 19 Comments

  1. Barry fixed a Trim Healthy Mama index for me too, last week! :-) Fun times, sistah!

  2. Thanks Gwen! I really struggle finding “E” breakfast ideas, I am so hungry in the morning, I have a hard time deciding what to eat! “S” meals are easy to figure out, but I struggle with savory E breakfast ideas. (I’m not a huge fan of sweet breakfasts) Looking forward to seeing your expanded menu : )

    • Hi Debbie,
      You can stick with S breakfasts for the most part if that works well for you. :)

  3. Im pregnant with baby number 3 but I have gained too much weight already and have 9 weeks left trying to not gain anymore any suggestions from THM on what I should stick to as far as S, E or crossover foods I am new to this whole thing and I am getting the THM book this week?

    • Hi Crissy!
      Oh, please don’t stress over trying to start all at once. This is such a fantastic, sustainable lifestyle, that lots of our Mamas use while nursing and are dropping weight and have chubby, happy babies, and abundant milk supply. There is a fantastic Trim Healthy Mama Pregnant & Nursing group on Facebook that offers great support.

      My advice is to grab the quick start guide (on the menu bar under Trim & Healthy). My first thing would be to cut out refined sugar, and start looking for a sweetener that you do enjoy that’s on plan. Give yourself time to read and absorb, and don’t fret over getting it perfect right away.

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  5. Hi! I just found out about the THM lifestyle and am seriously considering the book. I am just wondering if these recipes are from the book? Thanks

    • I have had permission to share the cheesecake berry crunch from the book in a single serving size here, but the rest of the recipes on my site are either mine or are credited from other sources, and are not in the book. The book is PACKED full of great recipes too, though! But out of respect for the authors, I don’t post their recipes for free.

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  8. I am new to this site and don’t know nothing realy about it ,i tryed all diets and exercising but i gain weight every time i don’t eat fast foods ,i don’t eat cookies or chips,i don’t eat pasta or any othr fast food or junk food maybe i eat it ones or twice a couble of months only but nothing i am a yoyo person gaining then losing i need help

  9. Hi Gwen,

    Question about fat free broth. We make homemade bone broth (Weston A Price style). Can I convert that to “fat free” by picking the hardened fat off the top after cooling the broth or will there still be other fat in the broth?

    Trying to figure out how to make E soups without buying premade broth.


    • Yep! That works beautifully! :) You can use the fat in S meals too if you like as a butter sub when making veggies or sauces.