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  • Cindy Hyson Hannon

    I am trying to find the document for getting started, how to mark the book with tabs etc…thought I had it in my computer stored but don’t and now (that I have the time to do it) I cannot find it :(

    • Cindy Hyson Hannon

      I FOUND IT! Think I was in the wrong page :)

  • Crissy

    How do I find how to tab the book?

    • Its_Gwen

      Open the quick start guide download at the bottom of the page. :)

      • Lucinda

        I’d love to find this, but since I’m brand new here it remains a mystery. Can you please point me in the right direction?

  • Stephanie

    I understand the meals….I just can get when to eat what. For some reason it’s not clicking with me the time between each meal and what they should be, and S, E FP, etc. Two hours? Three hours? Am I allowed to have two S’s or E’s in a row? Is there a doc that states how many calories or fat I’m allowed in each meal? I need a cheat sheet that’s not super complicated…Because I’m super confused… HELP! :)

    • Its_Gwen

      Chapter 11 goes over how to ‘freestyle’. :) I think they’re working on a handbook/study guide now as well.

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