Berry Breakfast Cake- Sugar Free

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Oat-Berry-Breakfast-CakeBerry Breakfast Cake is a quick E breakfast treat, and I’m excited to share it with you this Trim Healthy Tuesday!  I love to mix this up for Friday’s breakfast, and then we eat the leftovers as a convenient and fast treat on Sunday morning. It’s delicious topped with lemon yogurt, or a little fat free Redi Whip…and of course, the berry syrup is a favorite here too.

This is one of the first recipes that I’ve made with my new Wondermill, and the texture of the oat flour was just light and fluffy and wonderful! P1120414My tummy thanks me for adding in a little more protein…especially on Sundays when lunch is a little more delayed that usual.   P1110840If you enjoy the crunch of erythritol or xylitol, I like to toss a couple teaspoons on top before baking. P1110832

This is one of my favorite weekend EASY E breakfasts!  You can use all blueberry, but I really love the mixed berries with this oat breakfast cake.

You’ll find the printable recipe for my Berry Breakfast Cake over here at the Grain Mill Wagon blog!


Stacy is making blueberry fritters today for Trim Healthy Tuesday…sounds scrumptious!

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Berry Breakfast Cake- Sugar Free — 24 Comments

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  4. Can you make oat flour from oat groats and it still be on plan and work the same in the recipe? I have a nutrimill but I can’t mill rolled oats in it.

  5. This looks SO YUMMY!!! Did you measure the flour after it was ground? that is how I’m reading the recipe, but wanted to check…thank you.

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    • There is a link at the bottom of the post to a printable that I did as a guest blogger on the Grain Mill…I added a bigger button so you can find it easier. :)

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