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The Trim Healthy Mama Quick Start Guide that I shared at the bottom of the Book Review was in need of an update, so I decided to create its own post here, to make it easier to find.  If you missed it the first time around, be sure to check out my best tips, tricks, and recipes for getting rolling on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.

If you’ve not had a chance to read about this AMAZING nutrition/recipe/hormone balance/fitness/AWESOME book, then please head here to the THM book review first and take a peek at how I get to eat!

Please feel free to print this for your own personal use, and share the link to this posts with others. ♥

quick-start-guide-click-her I created this Quick Start Guide to help others get started…here are the tips and tricks that helped me turn my chunky Mama eating habits into a Trim Healthy way of life.

I’ve included

  • a guide to flagging your book sections
  • first grocery shopping list
  • tips
  • my favorite recipes

a suggested ‘quick start’ plan for tackling the change a little at at time…you’ll be fully on plan in just under a month.

Weight Loss Before & After Photos

6-month-progress-report-With the help of Trim Healthy Mama…I DID IT!  I lost over 40 pounds in around 6 months, and the best part?  I enjoy eating this way SO MUCH that keeping it off is very easy!

Want to see my before/after photos? Check out these posts:

Want even more recipes, tips, and inspiration?


Be sure to join me here each Tuesday for a SUPER fun blog link up called Trim Healthy Tuesday, where I post more THM tips, recipes, and articles.

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  • AliGal

    your THM posts are so helpful! I appreciate the time you put into sharing about the THM lifestyle Gwen! :-)

    • Its_Gwen

      Thank you, Ali!

  • Stacy

    Rock on! I’ll update my link. :-)

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  • Gay T

    Thanks a million for this and your story! I’ve been on the fence about spending the money on the book (yet another diet book for my shelf of failure) but see hope through the quick start info and your ‘real’ testimony. You look amazing!!

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  • Annika

    I recently received my THM book. I am overwhelmed and confused about some things… When you stated:
    S=more than 5g of fat & less than 10g carbs;
    E= less than 5g fat &more than 10g carbs (up to 45)
    FP= less than 5 g fat & 10g carbs
    Are those fat and carb amounts for the entire meal or per serving on each food item?
    Thanks for all the info you have posted!

    • Its_Gwen

      That’s for the entire eating period…the whole meal.

      Now, THM doesn’t run on ‘numbers’ like other eating plans. It is meant to work by learning the types of foods that they go over in the book. It took me about a month of really working at it to learn which foods were which (I labeled things with a sharpie marker for a while…the whole carbs & fats thing was totally brand new for me.)

      But I had this awesome “Ah-HA!” moment where it just clicked, and it just gets easier and easier after that. :)

      The numbers are there to help you gauge storebought products, and get a feel for what these meals look like if you’re into numbers. :) Some ladies are.

      • Annika

        but one cup of cooked broc has 11 carbs. how does that work? I though that was ok on an S.

        • Its_Gwen

          You don’t count carbs in non-starchy veggies. :)

  • right2rina

    Gwen, thanks for the great info and especially the “Quick Start Plan”. I am having issues finding the files that you mention to print out in week 1. I have searched and spent too much time looking through the master list, searching and have only found one but I don’t think it is the correct file. It would be so helpful to have a link direct to each article or at the very least the identical name of the file.

  • Amy N.

    Gwen, from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU for posting the THM Start Guide! I was feeling very overwhelmed, eager to start but feeling threatened about all I had to buy and do. Words cannot say how appreciative I am that you took the time to write all this out so that others can benefit from what you learned.

    • Its_Gwen

      I’m so happy to share this…it’s been life changing for me! :) Welcome to THM!

  • Scline

    I really appreciate your quick start guide! It helped me get started while I waited for my book. I still refer to it weekly to keep on track!! I share it with all my THM friends too. You look great also!! ~Sandi

    • Its_Gwen

      Oh, thank you Sandi!

  • lisa

    Is The Info For Making The Ebook Work For You In This Quick Start Guide?

  • Sheri

    Thank you! I am starting my own blog about this new journey and I am going to link back to this in my first post!

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  • Teresa Leming-Greer

    What an entertaining presentation of your journey !! May GOD bless you !!! Had a great weekend in TN !!! You two are doing a good work !!!

  • Nanny

    This first week chapter 11 states on day 4 and 5 is Pull the Fuels. That means low fat and low carbs right? Why is the Greek nonfat yogurt accepted as it is quite high in carbs?

    • Its_Gwen

      Greek Yogurt can be used in up to a cup servings if it’s your main source of protein in a meal or snack. It usually comes it at around 9 carbs per cup, and that is below the limit for FP meals.

      If you’re pairing it with other carb sources or using it with other foods in a meal, then use only up to half a cup.

      Hope that helps!

  • Brooke

    I’m just now getting into these recipes and WOW!!! Thank you Gwen for opening up your journey for the rest of us. I’m all misty thinking I might truly be able to do this thanks to THM and you sharing all your trials. The step-by-step pics are what made me feel able to attempt cooking again. I hated to cook. My kids were eating pop tarts and frozen meals because I couldn’t put a decent meal together. No more! Even my kids are loving the THM goodies (with crossovers for their growing bodies)!

    • Its_Gwen

      Oh, this makes me SO happy! (((hugs))) Thank you for sharing. ♥

  • LaTisha

    Thanks for the quick start guide. It is going to be great help to me.

  • tracy

    can anyone tell me where i can buy glucomanana powder and the stevia extract?? coconut flour and erythritol? i am new to this and haven’t recieved my book yet but trying to get my stock ready :)

    • DreaLu

      The book will offer some websites to order those items from. Although I haven’t ordered any for myself yet.

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Tracy,
      I really like Amazon, because most of the items can be purchased with no shipping, and you can get LOTS of the ingredients all in one place. I have put together a THM Amazon store here:
      There are lots of different categories on the right hand side menu bar to make it easier to browse. :)

  • Jan Vick

    Hi Gwen. I’ve been on THM for a week and lost 2.5 lbs so far. I still am confused about what goes with what. For instance this morning I had the Cottage Berry porridge whic was great and my third cup of tea with a splas of FF milk. Should I gave eaten something else, or wait until a snack at 10:30 ?

    • Its_Gwen

      The berry whip base recipe is Fuel Pull, so more than likely (unless you used full fat cottage cheese or added a significant fat source [S] OR used more than 1/2 c. blueberries or used peaches [E]) then you’ve had a FP breakfast.

      I usually *need* to have a fueled breakfast or it just doesn’t stick with me. The only FP I really can get away with is with afternoon or evening snacks. :) For me, THM has worked not by denying the body food and calorie counting, but by fueling it well with the principles from the book (S & E meals).

      Hope that helps!

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  • Yvette Bauman

    Hi Gwen, I joined the THM FB page, but I can’t find the links to the lists you mentioned. Could you please tell me where they are? Thank you. And your 1 year photo is so cute! It is what is making me begin, along with finding out I can have blue tortilla chips and low carb tortillas!

    • Misti

      I can’t find them either…

  • Robin Smith McIntyre

    Holy cow! I was nearly in tears trying to get the plan figured out, then I found your page! Exactly what I need! Can’t wait til tomorrow morning to get started; if I start now, I know I’ll never get to sleep.

  • Jolene Thiessen

    Hello Gwen, I haven’t read the book yet, but we have Gluten Free in our household, wondering if THM touches on this?

    • Its_Gwen

      Gluten free would be SO easy with THM. A majority of the foods/recipes will work with GF, but unlike most GF blends and foods, the THM recipes are very low in starches. There is an amazing THM allergen free group on Facebook too that is wonderful for families dealing with allergies.

  • Susan

    Hi, my name is Susan and I’m currently reading THM. I truly hope this will be the eating plan that will change my life. I’m wondering where I can go to download or purchase a comprehensive carbohydrate count food list.

    • Its_Gwen

      Hi Susan,
      The plan is not really based on numbers, but I did find it helpful to look up some carb amounts to put together some meals. I used the website for that. :)

      • Susan

        Thank you Gwen.

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  • Chelle

    I am very interested in THM. I want to order the book and follow your blog too. However I have three girls and two of them are allergic to dairy. Before I plunk down 35 dollars for this book I want to know if I can easily adapt it to dairy free? TIA!

  • Lorenna

    I just spotted the THM stuff in the last week and thought it would go along with my “mostly” healthy eating. I try to (on a tight budget) feed the family healthy, leaning towards paleo, but with all things in moderation and not giving up chocolate and coffee! My oldest is vegetarian, my husband loves meat and is allergic to seafood, my youngest is allergic to tree nuts, and my middle child, a 14 year old boy, says he would try the THM way with me in order to slim back down some and feel healthier before he starts the ROTC program in high school next year. Does it seem like this would be realistic for my family with all the special eating needs? And where is the best price to get some of the different things I don’t normally buy that the plan calls for?

  • Melinda Payne

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your Quick Start Guide! I’m in my 5th week of THM and you got me going in a great direction before I received my book. I still come here to get your awesome recipes, as well. <3 Thanks again!!

  • Debbie

    Hi my is Debbie very new to exactly what this is and how to start

  • Debbie

    Can anyone help me get started with this I need to lose 160 lbs

  • Emily

    Just wondering if this should be updated to say 20-45 grams of carbs for an E meal? On the FB page its usually emphasized that a “solid” E meal should have at least 20 carbs….?