Our Family Home Remedy List

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Usually, I can ramble off remedies all day long and twice on Tuesdays if it’s somebody else’s child with the stomach virus or poison ivy. But the minute my little one comes in clutching their tummy, my palms get sweaty, my mind blanks out, and get all “Mizz Scarlett! Mizz Scarlett! I don’t know nothin’ bout treatin’ no stomach bugs!”

I have a pathetic and chronic case of Momnesia. And it only gets worse if I’m the one getting sick.

This is exactly why I started taking and organizing notes years ago on different common ailments, and what to do for them. And also why I started blogging remedies, and also, why I keep a notebook of print outs and such. I really, really hate not being able to put my hands on information when I need it.

However, looking things up on my computer is not always possible in the midst of a mini-health crisis.  And then there are the times that we’re on the road and someone gets sick.  What’s a Mom to do?

I don’t know WHY it never occurred to me to make a “cheat sheet” of remedies.

A friend recently told me that she has, over the years, jotted down what works for them for different common ailments, and has posted that list in her kitchen cabinet. She has older kids, and this even enables them to self-treat from the reminder list. BRILLIANT!

So, I set about working on a my little family remedy list, and it sort-of-kind-of turned into a Magnum Opus. Four pages is Magnum-Opus worthy, right?

I am so giddy about this! It’s going to save me SO much time and frustration to just have this at my fingertips.

A copy of the list is going into my first aid kit, and I’ll even send one to work with my hubby. The really neat thing to me is that most of the things that I treat with are common items that I usually already have in the kitchen or medicine cabinet.

Without further adeiu, here is a copy of my cheat sheet.  Please feel free to print, copy, and edit for your own personal use. It will open in a new window.

Home Remedy Cheat Sheet

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Our Family Home Remedy List — 11 Comments

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  2. Going to be bookmarking this for future use! As a young mom, it’s always so nice to get advice/help from others who are more experienced. Thank you!

    • You are so very welcome! I love learning from more experienced Mamas and herbalists too. :) Sharing here is my way of “paying it forward.”

  3. Excellent! I was just thinking today that I should look into buying a natural remedies book and came across your health remedies accidentally (was looking at a THM article first). Thank you for this cheat sheet!

  4. Laughing about your momnesia, Gwen! I have been meaning to do the same thing for at least the past 5 years…and always forget!! :D And I, too, can rattle off home remedy ideas to friends but completely forget them when it’s my turn! ~Holly.

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    • The goal with this list was to have a shorthand version of what I do for different illnesses, and it would be too long if I elaborated on the printable. But I’d be happy to post more about any of the remedies on the list. Which ones would you like to hear more about?

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